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We stand apart as an organization by setting operational standards that incorporate innovation, collaboration and trust.

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Our Story

Firefly was established in 2018 with the idea that there could be a single, trusted source for publishers to have access to excellent technologies that support their right to freely create content.Emphasizing transparency, authenticity and results, Firefly has developed a national reputation for achieving the most optimized and monetized solutions and services for both content creators and publishers across the United States

Emphasizing transparency, authenticity and results, Firefly has developed a national reputation for achieving the most optimized and monetized solutions and services for both publications and content creators across the United States.

Above all, as a company, Firefly  has dedicated its founding principles and mission to drive positive culture change through media. Firefly  stands for truth, respect, excellence, courage and creativity – and believes in passing those values onto our clients.

What makes our company unique:

  • Our teams know publishing and content. All of the professional services teams that work at Firefly, from website development and optimization to subscription management, understand how to make publishers and content creators successful.
  • We thrive on transparency. We don’t do smoke and mirrors. The results we provide are truthful, transparent and straightforward – offering insight into how to better approach optimization.
  • Your business matters to us.  Every publisher and content client has a dedicated, tenured representative, located in the United States, whose primary goal is to help publishers define and achieve success. We believe in America and supporting American jobs.

Who We Are

What we do is what defines us.

Our mission, vision and values are paramount to our success and why publications and advertisers alike choose to work with us.


Our mission is to drive positive cultural change by partnering with publishers.


Our vision is to be the premier resource for the business needs of publishers.


We empower clients by enabling them to focus on the messaging and campaign architecture that supports their organizational goals, while offering tenured teams of implementation experts to deliver that messaging through the most effective digital mediums and channels.

Always Innovative

We will never use out-of-the-box strategies or solutions – only innovative and insightful methods and mediums.

Entirely Collaborative

We work directly with our clients to fully understand their objectives and deliver the best in class results for every campaign. 

Inherently Trustworthy

We will also provide transparent information and results for every campaign – always doing what we say and delivering unmatched value.

What Defines Us

We thrive on three core areas that define who we are and why we provide excellent ad tech services.

What defines us is how we define our business and reveals why integrity matters.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We believe in more than just the 9-5 grind. See who's joined our team and why below.
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The Faces Behind Our Success

From yield ops to direct sales, our team represents the best in the business for publication services excellence.

ford jordan

Ford Jordan

Chief Executive Officer
valerie weldon

Valerie Weldon

Manager, Yield Ops and Partnerships

Jack Riedel

Marketing and Sales Manager
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Ben Murray

Account Manager, Professional Services

Vanessa Conchos

Associate Account Manager
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Vanessa Ferguson

Accounting and HR Manager
brandon dunham

Brandon Dunham

Web Designer
allison meadows

Allison Stock

Business Development Associate
rachel gramm

Rachel Gramm

Ad Operations Associate
britton bowman

Britt Bowman

Yield Optimization Analyst
kevin brown

Kevin Brown

Web Developer

Bishop Shepard

Account Manager

Andrew Augustine

Junior Content Marketing Manager

Kolby Lampinen

Junior Marketing Ops Manager

Great Publications. Great Results.

Relationships matter and we enjoy the synergy and success we’ve created with our publishers.

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