Advertising Tips: Leveraging the Power of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach interested consumers. Whether you’re a B2C brand wanting to entice customers with discounts or even a B2B organization looking to leverage your email lists to push a new service, email marketing can help dramatically. 

Cadence, creatives and copy matter a lot to email marketing campaigns. How they’re sent, why they’re sent and who they’re sent to can vary considerably depending on the millions of factors that matter to advertisers. 

Why should you care about email marketing? To put it simply, it can change how you run your business and improve the avenues you currently use for lead generation. Email marketing and advertising have a variety of benefits that other approaches to consumers generally don’t have. 

Email Acquisition

In order to complete successful email marketing campaigns, you need a list of quality email addresses to send to. There are several ways one can go about securing email lists, and this will vary from business to business and industry to industry. 

Designing and implementing Facebook or Google ads could help increase email acquisition if you’re targeting the right audiences. Providing these prospective customers with value, such as discounted products or even a free newsletter in exchange for their email address, can be an effective strategy. 

Email acquisition, sometimes called lead generation, is the first step in the email marketing process. Without reasonable leads, email marketing cannot and will not be successful. You may also be able to rank your leads from the hottest to the coldest depending on the type of software you’re utilizing. Homing in on who exactly you want to market and advertise to is imperative for positive conversions.

Using the right creatives and cadences also matters a whole lot to email marketing. Stuffing prospects’ inboxes with emails could lose potential clients or customers, while not sending enough emails may make them lose interest altogether. Creatives and copy can also aid with enticing users to your website or landing pages. Excellent creatives matter just as much as the product being pitched. 

Customized Content

Once you’ve secured a list of quality email addresses, or leads, you can start crafting email sends that your list may interact with. Basing content on who your audience is and what exactly they want can cause an increase in conversions. Constantly customizing and optimizing your emails can lead to profitable outcomes.

Segmentation can be an efficient way to get to your target audience faster. According to Campaign Monitor, marketers that utilized segmented campaigns saw as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue. That is a monumental increase that can be accredited to figuring out who your audience is and then serving that audience the content they want (or need). 

Email marketing can be a multi-faceted strategy depending on the end goal of your specific company. More often than not, email sends have a call to action for the end user to interact with. Do you want them to subscribe to your publication? Do you want them to test out a free trial? Do you want them to buy merchandise? These questions can all be answered through a simple call to action that is displayed somewhere in your email.

A call to action is great when perfectly placed in an email — but now what? Well, now you need a landing page, which is arguably just as important as the email being sent. Landing pages should be simple, straightforward and easy to navigate. The user should feel naturally enticed to interact with your company to complete the original call to action. 

Email Curation

Now that you have a list of quality prospects and a reasonable content production process, you can begin curating these email lists. You want to turn these email addresses into loyal, paying consumers — but how?

As stated above, customized and personable content that relates to your audience is one of the several ways you can keep consumers engaged for much longer. Constant messaging and tones across your marketing mediums can also operate as a positive influence when it comes to not only email marketing but any integrated marketing communication strategy. 

From email acquisition to email sends to landing pages to conversions, the consumer journey should be a seamless process for both the consumer and the company. Consumers want value, and you have to give it to them. Whether it’s a discounted product or a free trial, consumers will flock to valuable product propositions. Putting effective systems in place to make your target market feel attracted to what you have to offer is extremely important for curbing lost revenue streams.

Email management can be a complex task to take on for any business, publication or website. Firefly Engagement offers email management along with a range of services to help market your website so you can focus on what’s important — content creation. Firefly is a better way for business and a better way for publishers.  

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