The Benefits of Advertising With Conservative Publications


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Media through digital means is overwhelmingly the most popular form of modern-day communication. Consumers consume vast amounts of information and entertainment through these avenues, typically on mobile devices. Pew Research Center says that roughly 6 in 10 U.S. adults get their news through mobile devices and this number is gradually increasing. Advertisers need to know how to navigate this constantly changing digital landscape as newer trends emerge. 

A mobile-heavy advertising environment presents its own unique challenges that advertising on desktop doesn’t. Smaller screens mean smaller ad spaces. Advertisers are hard at work not only developing new strategies to counteract mobile-dominated spaces, but continuing to brace for a cookie-less world as well. 

Publishers, large and small, optimize their sites and advertising spaces for mobile. A notable number of consumers love news, especially news that resonates and aligns with their own beliefs. Conservative publications offer advertisers exclusive access to niche audiences to promote their businesses.  

What else can advertising with conservative publications do to benefit your company?     

Targeted Audiences

Conservative publications are dominated by right-leaning audiences. These consumers have similar interests, thoughts, and beliefs that advertisers may be looking for. Targeting these specific audiences is an ideal opportunity to market directly to the consumers that will most likely interact with their brands or businesses. 

Different audiences interact and react to different ads. The benefit of using conservative publications to advertise with is that the audience isn’t as diverse compared to a regular online newspaper or publication. Less audience diversity increases the effectiveness of general advertising initiatives. 

Pageviews + KPI’s = $$$

With advertising on conservative publication websites, pageviews are king. The more pageviews certain publications have, the more eyes will see your ads. Impressions drive traffic to both the publication website and to your ads simultaneously. Choosing the right publication may be the most challenging assignment that needs to be finalized for any advertiser. Ad space availability and the kinds of impressions both must be considered when choosing the right publication. 

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, give advertisers and publishers the needed analytics to monitor ad campaign performance. Click through rates, conversions, impressions, CPM’s, and any other unit of advertising measurement guide advertisers with how well particular campaigns are performing. Investing in campaigns that are performing well and cancelling those that aren’t is one of the reasons why KPI’s are so critical to any advertiser’s arsenal. Data-driven advertising decisions tend to be the most value-producing.

Political Insights

A 2016 study done by Northwestern University found that conservatives had fairly different cognitive styles compared to their political counterparts. Conservatives were resistant to change, more rigid, and preferred clear answers as opposed to more ambiguous ones when compared to liberals. Conservatives also tend to solve problems with more step-by-step solutions, while liberals relied on insight and spontaneity. But what does this study mean for advertisers?

Advertising to consumers that are rigid can offer simpler avenues for advertisers. Presenting easy-to-grasp factual information through advertising can be an effective way to garner clicks and engagement as a whole. Conservatives are much easier to advertise to as they don’t stray too far from their online routines and behaviors – they prefer structure. These behaviors being more predictive help advertisers to better cater to these habits, whether through the content on the ads or even where they’re placed. Conservative publications offer advertisers the ideal opportunity to connect with their optimal audience with elegant efficiency.

Status Quo

Conservative audiences, as we now know, behave differently online compared to more liberal audiences. Of course they are generalized averages, but for advertisers, these studies can offer much more insight and can provide great ad results. 

A Harvard Business Review study published in 2018 accentuates these behavioral differences powered by political ideologies. This study found that conservatives were more likely to purchase luxury items compared to liberals. On average, conservatives were 9.8% more likely to purchase a luxury car compared to liberals. HBR noted that conservatives were drawn to luxury items to maintain their social status. Advertising on conservative publications can be advantageous for companies looking to advertise luxury or high-end products. Conservatives are willing to purchase more expensive products or services, especially when they’re being told it will maintain their social or even their socioeconomic status. 

Conservative audiences are a unique market segment that may be ideal for certain companies looking to advertise their products on conservative publications. Niche audiences will more likely interact with advertisements when they are directly targeted. The above studies emphasize that conservative consumers have unique online behaviors that make them much easier to target due to their structured lifestyles and unwavering digital habits. Varying factors such as geographic location and income may still play a role in deciding what advertisements fit what segmented consumers.


Measurable analytics from advertising with conservative publications allow for the continuous optimization of the ads being displayed. Constant A/B testing paired with countless data tools can cut down costs greatly when managed appropriately. Not only this, with the use of direct advertising, person-to-person contact and transactions can ensure the best possible price for your advertising desires, whether it is with premium ad spaces or small-budget campaigns. 

Conservative publications provide clients with the opportunity to connect with niche audiences within the digital space that is advertising. Websites optimized for mobile accommodate intriguing and profitable digital relationships between advertisers and who they are advertising to. Trends such as native advertising look to capture some of that potentially lucrative attention with new strategies built to entire consumers without utilizing traditional modes of advertising. Conservative publications, especially those that work with Firefly, offer a real, personable business relationship for any advertising client.

Excellent communication, punctuality, and work are Firefly Engagement’s objectives and identity. Empowering clients by enabling them to focus on what they do best, while we manage the complexities of advertising technologies is part of Firely’s culture. Firefly Engagement is a better way for advertisers and a better way for publishers.   

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