Native Ads That Convert: Tips For How To Create The Best Native Ads

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Engaging content that resonates with audiences is hard to come by. With the rise of ad blockers and increasingly intelligent consumers, native ads are slowly becoming a more reliable form of advertising. Native ads look and feel natural amidst the other content it resides with. Digital advertising trends, like native advertising, are moving goal posts that many marketers have trouble scoring with.

Native advertising is unlike other forms of advertising that may feel pushy, cheesy, or salesy. It engages the audience, gives them some form of digital value, and delivers the person reading it a positive experience. This requires much more in-depth planning, creating, executing, and analysis. Native advertising can be extraordinarily useful for marketers looking for unique strategies to entice audiences, particularly for publishers. Sponsored content, or advertorials, interact with users differently compared to regular banner or display ads. Native ads, when done correctly, look native to the website or webpage they live on.

Content-based advertising may be the future. So, how can you create the best native ads in the present?   

Native Ads: What are They?

Native ads come in all shapes and sizes. They are intended to look, smell, and feel natural in the space that consumers are interacting with. For publishers, native ads give advertisers a unique opportunity to entice users to their product, service, or brand while utilizing relevant content. This content is often within their news or social media feeds and can be somewhat hidden to the user. Native ads blend into these feeds and produce an unrivaled ad experience.  

What’s the Overall Goal?

Digital advertising, as broad as it is, can be simplified by the specific goals of any campaign. Building brand awareness, increasing conversions, expanding revenue, or even educational purposes, marketing goals vary greatly.

In terms of native ads, basing content on the goals of the overall ad campaign drives the tone and feel of the ad itself. The ad creation process begins with the end, as odd as that may sound. Searching for the ideal blend of engaging content with an achievable end goal may be a difficult task to complete. 

Never Be Content with Content

Creative ad campaigns require thinking both inside and outside of the box. Consumers tend to tune out regular advertisements and do not expect native ads. Good native ads entice users, but great native ads look and feel like regular content. They are more or less hidden within the webpage they are on. Native advertising should provide digestible content that is intriguing to read, watch, or listen to. 

Targeted content is critical to exceptional native advertising. Relevant content in relevant spaces, marketed to relevant audiences, may seem like the purest form of redundancy, but it is entirely necessary for a positive native ad campaign and user experience. Create great content and the audience will surely follow.   

Influencers & Social Media

Most digital content is consumed through mobile where social media thrives. An example of how social media marketing works could be a vacation resort struggling, post-pandemic, with attracting enthusiastic visitors. The resort could give “influencers” free experiences for them to promote on their social media accounts with large followings. This modern type of advertising is known as influencer marketing – a form of native advertising. Consumers will take interest with these posts in a positive manner if the content is moderately enjoyable. Flashy pictures, well-produced clips, or lavish lifestyles immerse content viewers. This makes potential customers think, “Hey, maybe I want to experience this as well.” So, the next time they are searching for a vacation location, influencers have already done their job. 

Native advertising in the realm of social media is largely beneficial to all those involved. The consumer receives engaging content or vacation ideas, the influencer receives free travel or money, and the original company creates a native advertising campaign that promotes their business. Marketing a product, service, or company through social media native advertising creates several advantages so use them appropriately.

Measure, Analyze, & Optimize

Digital marketing provides marketers with numerous tools and platforms to measure how well their native ad campaigns are performing. Data dashboards, such as Google Analytics, provide an in-depth look into precise insights that are relevant to you. Demographics, impressions, CTR, conversion rates, return on investment (ROI), KPI’s, and any other acronyms you may want or need exist for your own marketing desires. 

Analyzing these data insights will help you decide what you need to change, whether a phrase in the copy, color scheme, or even where certain content is placed. Data-driven marketing decisions are necessary for constant optimization to ensure the best content is in the best place in front of the best consumers for the best native ad results. 


Keeping consumers engaged with useful, relevant content is one thing, but leading them to a call-to-action for them to complete is another. Impressions and clicks are great for native ads, but if these metrics are not guiding users to the overall end goal of the ad campaign, then something needs to change. Are you trying to get more email sign ups? Website visits? Product sales? Tailor your native ads to that specific call-to-action, but not in an obvious or forceful way. Native ads should not feel like regular ads. They should feel organic. A call-to-action should feel like a gentle invite that consumers will not refuse and is exceptionally vital to the overall success of a native ad campaign. 

Now What?

You’re going to complete our call-to-action willingly and enthusiastically. But also build, plan, and create some engaging content for your own business. Figure out what your consumers want and give them exactly that. Native ads built to entertain and engage will convert. The best native ads are those that do not feel like ads at all. The tips above will surely benefit your next native advertising campaign. So, create resonating consumer content and execute successful results. If you don’t have the time or bandwidth to create engaging content and campaigns, Firefly Engagement can aid your business with digital advertising strategies. We maximize revenue, reduce overhead, and manage all the complexities associated with adtech for publishers.

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